A New Look for Honey Hydrate Social Campaign

A New Look for Honey Hydrate Social Campaign

 With a new look comes new content. Camille Rose updated one of their most popular leave in conditioners, Honey Hydrate with a new bottle to help create synergy with the other bottles in their overall catalog.

For this, we updated all of our product photos across platforms and retail, but for social we decided to do a mix of graphics and video content to articulate the message.


The Goal:

  • Introduce new packaging of Honey Hydrate to our consumers 
  • Educate customers on the benefits of using the product, the ingredients etc.
  • Push integration of Honey Hydrate into current and potential customers current routine
  • Show how to use and style with Honey Hydrate through influencer + UGC support

Content Creation

  • I produced one two hour shoot that captured the new product in it's bottle, texture shots of the product, texture shots of the model, hair styling using the product + a styler, interviews and ASMR content

Videographer + Director: Aminah Muhammad

Marketing Strategy:

Our strategy online will  be to show up exactly when our product is used: after washing / before styling. We will use TikTok and IG to comment and reply to videos of customers using Honey Hydrate, suggesting it to those struggling with frizzy or dry hair etc.

We also need to combat the common rebuttals received from Honey Hydrate:

  • The smell is too strong
    • Suggest: using less product and emulsifying with water before use
  • It is too sticky
    • Suggest: working the product in, in sections on soaking wet hair
    • Suggest: when drying, try to air dry
    • Suggest: use product on freshly washed hair with no other products in it for best result. Layer with your favorite styling products after the use of the leave-in.

Each content piece will also support the comment strategy + FAQ we've garnered before shooting.


UGC / Influencer integration: 

We will work with various UGC creators and influencers to create content to push the new look of Honey Hydrate and pair it with a styling product to complete their look. The campaign will run from August 31st to September 30th. I created the influencer brief as we worked with 50 creators split between two styling products: Spiked Honey Mousse and Honeycomb Defining Cream.




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