Content Strategy, Content Direction and Partner Publishing Plan for adidas

Content Strategy, Content Direction and Partner Publishing Plan for adidas

The Goal:

- Create a social media strategy and supporting content that extends the adidas brand campaign 
- Create a partner publishing brief (influencer brief) for adidas partners to share their running story.
- Create excitement around running as a sport, hobby and passion, prompt Gen Z to run and tie in a new product, the Ultra Boost Light.


- 1 social media film serving all platforms
- 1 IGS reminder for "Run Free Day"
- 1 IG gif reminder for "Run Free Day"
- 42 day social calendar
- Influencer creative brief supporting "Run Free Day" that extends to the running community

Feature Film: 

While it's easy to create a several million dollar commercial and throw it on social media, experts know that format, context, the algorithm and message play a role on how it's perceived.  For the SS23 Running campaign, I worked with adidas team and our agency partner M&C Saatchi to extend this message to social media.


The social media roll out spans over 42 days, starting with the social media film that pokes fun at a PSA to get off your phone and run. It's colorful, includes Gen-Z talent and gives a clear message to trade screen time for run free time, prompting you to get off your phone.



 March 15 is our "national" Run Free Day and we tease it the week prior with a gif and graphic prompting others to take the day off social media. The partner publishing plan allows our influencers to join in by resharing the content and also taking the day off.


From there, partners will create "story time" style videos of what they did on their "Run Free" day and share to social, continuing to push the message that running needs nothing but you. While this is a brand campaign, the product featured is the new Ultra Boost Light, a running shoe that pushes a lighter build, making your run feel better on your feet.




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