Content Strategy for Lucky Daye

Content Strategy for Lucky Daye

The goal: create a content strategy for Lucky Daye to create a community, promote music and performances.

  • daily social media posting and community management on all platforms
  • create and maintain a monthly social media calendar
  • create content during studio sessions, photoshoots and branded content.
  • maintain Lucky Daye's overall digital presence 
  • launched community number to push community engagement 

I spent time exploiting his strength in performing by capturing every performance and distributing it to partners, R&B and lifestyle platforms to share and slowly inserted him into audiences that didn't know him like fashion and male-based audiences, making his overall fanbase more diverse. On Twitter, I RTed every positive @ from a fan or blog to create the appearance that he was fan friendly, making his audience more engaged and enticing others to tweet him to get a RT.

Overall IG growth- 500k+ followers from March to September
Overall TT growth - 110k+ followers from March to September

IG Live Q&A W/ Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye hops on H.E.R's single "Lucky" for a viral moment wearing CISE brand

Lucky Daye sings Over Acapella 1M+ views

Twitter Q&A #AskLuckyDaye w/ Video Responses 


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