Editorial Content for Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape

Editorial Content for Rap Sh!t: The Mixtape

If there's one thing Issa Rae should be known for is her taste in music. We saw it first hand in her hit series Insecure on HBO, but that skillset is carried throughout many of her business including her coffee shop HillTop, but most importantly, her new show Rap Sh!t. 

Through her music company Raedio, the team has already released the soundtrack to Rap Sh!t season 2, available now on HBO and I created content around the music to help promote the marketing online.

 The Goal:

- Create content with the producers, artists, songwriters etc that contributed to the soundtrack to promote on social
- Create BTS and other content pieces that will help support the marketing of the mixtape

Tasks Completed:

- Research all listed and available talent for Raedio's writing camp
- Write several sets of questions for producers, writers and artists for their interview portion
- Conduct taped interview with talent and  provided video crew
- Work with Raedio Team to manage interview time slots
- Work with Raedio Team to create BTS, B-Roll and venue walk-through style content



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