Social Media Activation for Lunchmoney Lewis' "Cheat"

Social Media Activation for Lunchmoney Lewis' "Cheat"

Goal: Create social media buzz for Lunchmoney Lewis' new single "Cheat" ahead of its release.

To stay relevant in marketing, you have to find new ways and spaces to put eyeballs on your product. If you’re familiar with the drop-in audio app Clubhouse, I utilized a clubroom to activate. His first single from his forthcoming EP, “Cheat” released hours before, so creatively I named the room “Have You Ever Cheated On Your Bf/Gf” to create an open conversation about relationships. Hundreds joined the chat as we chatted for almost three hours. Speakers turned their profile photos to the cover art allowing guests to see the art work before it released.

During the chat, I continued to moderate and note the single and the artist. Midway through the chat, I played a 30-second snippet. As the conversation ended at midnight, I announced the single and artist giving a CTA to the artist’s clubhouse profile which linked the single in his outbound social media links.

“Cheat” by Lunchmoney Lewis had over 50k plays in less than one week. Along with playlisting + my amazing PR team at Medium Creative Agency, I’d say this social activation was a success! I’d love to do more of these on Clubhouse and with more artists.




Check out the single:


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